To what extent does change mean progress? Eating habits

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David Eichenberg BP Portrait Award 2010
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STEP 1: Cultural background

ETAPE 1 Eating habits.doc
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The British at table.docx
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Step 2: Audio: Junk food black market

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Tais's podcast.m4a
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Andrea's rap podcast.mp3
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Clemence's podcast.m4a
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Baccalaureate oral practice test: Recap the audio document in French

The First Lady Introduces Let's Move - Y
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Step 3: Texts

Sequence 3 texts.doc
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Text 1 A strange experiment.doc
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Text 2 Food ads target children.doc
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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 - #Mont
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M&S Inspiration Gregory Porter and Julie
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Step 4: Design a poster

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Food posters part 1.pdf
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Food posters part 3.pdf
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Food posters past 4.pdf
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Step 5: Organize a healthy week in your school

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Baccalaureate written exam practice

Food matters Written baccalaureate pract
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