To what extent are comics still an effective means of propaganda?Introduction-Definition-Context-Problem

Uncle Stan's army Get ready student.pdf
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The Flash- America's Secret Propaganda Superhero

The Flash- America's Secret Propaganda S
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Step 1: From WWII to the Cold War

Step 1 student From WWII to the Cold War
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Captain America's WWII propaganda.mp4
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Students' podcasts

Charles' presentation of Superman.m4v
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Charlie and Matteo on Superman.mp4
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Propaganda in comics Juliette Cosmao, Fa
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Step 2: Bye Stan

Step 2 Bye Stan student.doc
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Step 3: The superheroes' father

Step 3 Student The superheroes' father.d
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Stan Lee's cameos.mp4
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Step 4 A never ending propaganda

Step 4 student A never ending propaganda
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CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer (2019).mp4
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Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD].mp4
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How to analyze a film trailer.doc
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Step 5 We are puppets

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FINAL TASK Uncle Stan's army.doc
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